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About Plauener Seidenweberei

Textile tradition since 1928

LaborPlauener Seidenweberei GmbH stands for more than 75 years of fabrics manufacturing, specializing in silk. In Plauen silkworms were bred for the manufacturing of parachutes as early as the 1950s. These years of experience in handling the natural product silk, and its processing in a full-step process allow us to manufacture our products at a very high level.

On May 30th 1928, the silk weaving mill was founded as „Spinnhütte Seidenspinnerei und Weberei GmbH“ by Mr. Wilhelm Wilke. Merger and change of name created the „Seidenwerke Spinnhütte AG“ in 1932 and in the context of the majority share acquisition in 1938 by the Ministry of Economics, the „Mitteldeutsche Spinnhütte GmbH“ founded in 1937 with its subsidiary in Plauen/ Vogtland.

WebsaalOn July 1st 1946 the factory in Plauen was expropriated by the Soviet military administration and subsequently operated under the name „VEB Mitteldeutsche Spinnhütte, VEB Novotex“ and „VEB Greika Werk IV / 3“ until 1990. Already in 1990, the former factory of Plauener Spinnhütte was reacquired by the Greika Thuringen Weberei & Veredlungs GmbH (formerly Greika VEB). In 1996 the two manufacturing sites in Plauen merged to Plauener Spinnhütte GmbH. As a manufacturer of technically demanding products made of silk, polyester and polyamide „Plauener Seidenweberei GmbH“ is approaching its 90-year anniversary. Since 2013 the Plauener Seidenweberei GmbH designs, manufactures and sells their luxury products under its original brand “Seidenweber Collection®“

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